Sunday, August 14, 2011

A rainy day!

What a day! I woke up this morning and got to cleaning... about 2 hours later I hear what I think is a sprinkler hitting my bedroom window. I ignored it at first but then it got harder. I ran to my daughters room where my oldest was already peering out the window as well. She says... Its raining, its raining and I said... Nooooo.... its just a sprinkler, yet I am looking out the other window and notice it really was raining. We havent had a good rain since last year. And we were all let down by the storm a few weeks ago that completely missed us so this was exciting to all of us. I ran out to the garage and sure enough... water was falling from the sky. I walked out into it just to be sure. My daughters followed me too and my first reaction was NO! get back into the garage! They looked down at the ground and I felt bad. So I said... What the hell... go for it! They were so excited! they ran up and down the driveway as if it was the first time they had ever seen rain... my son was not sure what to think. He did not want to get wet at first and I kept telling him to go play and to get wet. Slowly he crept past the over hang and let the rain splash him. He gave me an unsure look and I reassured him it was ok.. and he was off!  The three of them had so much fun playing in the rain. I would of loved to play with them but I thought about having to shower them and myself afterwards so instead I grabbed my camera and enjoyed capturing their memories! The rain pounded pretty good on the pavement and even flooded the gutters. Thunder crashed two times and each time they all three came running back into the garage. My youngest had the most terrified look on his face as he ran behind the girls to the safety of my arms. I let him go and said... Its ok... go play! It only lasted about 30 minutes but it was a great 30 minutes. It hasnt rained in so long that I can not be sure when it will rain again so I figured I would let them enjoy it while it lasted. I sat outside the whole time it rained as well and when it slowed down the kids were not happy about it. They were all shivering so I handed them each a towel and had them come inside and get ready for baths. After they were all done I made some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and they gobbled them up! I had just read that there were no showers in sight for our area! So when I heard the water hitting my windows, rain was the last thing I expected it to be. I guess good things do come to those who wait. Because I have been waiting forever for a good rain!

But I am still waiting for a good storm as well!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Apron winner and moving forward with my work

Sorry I am so late to post this... I did post it on facebook tho.... but the winner of the giveaway was Nicole Small! Congratulations to her! I hope she enjoys the apron.

I have been pretty busy lately and the busier I am the more tired I get. I have had some luck with some games on facebook, a bingo and an auction... I have sold a tutu and an apron to two ladies in Canada! I shipped those out on Saturday and its always exciting to wrap and mail out my items.
I am almost finished with my order of 3 tutus. I have found a way to make tutus for older girls with lycra! I love them... and my daughters do to. I am running kind of behind on them because I got sick at the end of last week and then had a busy busy weekend so I didnt get to finish them... but I will tomorrow night so I can ship them out asap! I feel so bad having people wait but I am 7 months prego and life happens... as someone told me last week and its so true.. life does happen and not everything goes as planned in life.
I have also decided, well I think I have decided that I do not want to make anything that is not a custom order until after the baby comes. I have been so tired and I just need to save all my energy. I have one custom order that I recieved yesterday for an apron and I am excited to make it, but I need to sell what I already have made as well. Even though these are my plans, they might change if something inspires me lol... such as making mens aprons lol.. my cousin asked me if I could do one for him as well. I will have to look into that and I am thinking of making them more sturdier with canvas instead of plain fabric. But I am just tossing that around in my head.

Anyways, I appologize for not posting the winner on my blog earlier but like I said I have just been super busy and also not feeling so well! I am ready to be a mother of four already... I have 2 months to go and I am hoping they go by fast!

Here is how the new tutus look!

I think they are simply adorable and have been considering making one for myself!

Friday, July 29, 2011

NOW CLOSED - GIVEAWAY - Scarlet Blooms Apron ~ UPDATED!!!

Sorry for any inconveinece but a lot of people said they were not able to comment on this blog. So I am extending the giveaway for three more days, until Wednesday at 6 p.m. If you are not able to comment here your entries will be counted only if they are put on the post on my facebook page. Good luck to all1

Thanks to Promote Your Page Here I have gotten over a 100 fans in just a few days. So to celebrate I am going to reward one of my fans with this handmade apron. This fabric pattern is one of my favorites!

Please leave a comment for each entry that you do. Each comment will be an entry. The contest ends Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 6 p.m. and I will announce the winner that evening. For each comment that you do that will be another chance in the drawing. In other words if you do all eight entries and comment eight times then your name goes into the drawing eight times! 

Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is and don't forget to share! share! share!

1. Follow this blog.
2. Like my Facebook page.
3. Share this giveaway on your page or wall, leave a link to your page.
4. Follow me on Twitter.
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6. Add my Etsy shop to your circle.
7. Favorite one of my items on Etsy.
8. Leave a comment on a picture of your favorite item on my Facebook  page.

And for a chance for even more entries, refer friends to the contest and have them comment that you sent them. They must enter the contest as well to receive full credit. You will receive an entry for each person that says they were referred by you!

Thanks to everyone who participates and GOOD LUCK!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting out there!

So I have been trying to get more likes on my facebook page and more subscribers on here and I have been told that I need to do a giveaway to get more responses. I havent totally decided on what I want to give and how to go about it. I have seen many basic ones and a few crazy ones but the crazy ones seem to be more fun, which I like! I guess I am going to have to sit down and decide/plan out how I can incorporate my facebook page and this blog so I can get more traffic at both of them.
Last weekend was a very busy for me. I made 7 aprons, two of them were custom orders which I got to ship out! I was excited because it was the first time I got to take my orders to the post office. I have a few more aprons to make but I am going to see how it goes with the 8 I have for sale right now. Plus I was needing a work free weekend!

Heres the aprons I posted this past Thursday! Click the picture to see more on Etsy!

This one was a custom order for an old highschool friend. She is married to a police officer!

This one I made for my cousin. She said she wanted it to be brown and baby blue. I love getting to pick fabric for custom orders!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tutu Crazy today!!

Although I have orders for aprons, I decided to finish up some tutus I had been working on! I finally got six of them posted! I plan on working on the aprons tomorrow! I got another one sold today to a friend of a friend! Woo hoo!!! As for tutus I sold one to my cousin and she absolutely loved it on her daughter! They were doing a 4th of July photo shoot today and I cant wait to see the pictures of her wearing my tutu!

I have had a lot of requests for tutus for older girls, so I am brainstorming how I can do that. They don't sell the crochet headbands any larger than 6 inches and I think I am just going to have to sew the tops myself. I need to get some knit or spandex fabric and try it out on my daughter first. She fits into the three inch headbands but it would be cuter if the top covered the whole torso. I looked online to buy some that were in bulk but they only came in white and were $90 for a lot of 24... not what I am wanting to spend....So thats my next mission to make a tutu dress for ages 8 years and up!

This morning I got up early, and me and my daughter headed into town. I had found a lady on craigslist who had child size hanging manequins! I knew I had to get one and I am so glad I did! When I got home I was so anxious to start photographing my tutus. I went outside and shot some pictures of them, I was so anxious that I didnt thing it being over cast outside, so my pictures were not the best they could be. But I used them anyways! After I posted five of them, I started working on another tutu! I have been wanting to work on this one for a few weeks now and finally had all the materials I needed! It came out better than I was imagining it would be too. Once I was finished with it, the sun was shining so I hurried outside to shoot it! I think the pictures came out awesome, especially with the setting sun shining on it... fit perfectly with its name Sweet Sunflower tutu!

After I got that posted, I made supper and then browsed etsy!

Here are a few shots from today!

Now depending if the hubby is going to bed or not, I may make some more tutus tonight =)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crooked Hearts is no longer on a bumpy crooked path!

Today has been an awesome day in the world of Crooked Heart Creations. A friend suggested I tweak the pictures to the items in my shop and although it took me some time and hard work I reshot some of my items and edited the pictures. I posted them and got some amazing results. I have one friend that wants to buy a tutu and two custom orders for aprons, and one of my aprons even made it into a treasury! Wow! I am so glad I took her advise. Its amazing how much a picture can change everything!! My niece didnt come today but when I woke up this morning and realized it was fathers day, I kind of figured they werent going to be coming afterall.. but that is ok... I still made a lot of progress today! I shot some pics of my daughter in a 4th of July tutu I made and she is not as patient as my older daughter lol, but she looked so darn cute!
Anyways, I am excited. I feel like I am going down a new path and hopefully its a steady one! Can't wait to start on these new projects!

Heres some shots from today...
This one was added into a treasury

I got a custom order for an apron and she wants it similar to this one!

I posted a few bows for sale today as well.

I have had a few potential buyers for this shawl and thinking since I posted a better picture someone will snatch it up.

and this is my lovely daughter Lacey, modeling a tutu!

This was the first one I edited. Below is an example of what the color looked like in the picture. Now its full of color!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tutu's and Bows

Whew! I have been busy! Today I finished five tutus and six bows. The tutus I had been working on all week and finally got them done today! I got a ton of crochet tops in all different colors and can not wait to get some more tulle to make some more tutus. My cousin will be coming over tomorrow with her daughter so she can model them for me. With fourth of July coming up I made 4 bows for the holiday and three tutus which one of them was made specifically for my cousins daughter.

I made a new logo today too! I think I can settle on this one. Thinking I need a new banner to match it as well.

Here are some pictures of the tutus I have done so far and hopefully I can post more with my niece wearing them sometime soon.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The real Crooked Heart Creations

Since my original blog turned more into a personal blog I decided to create a new one strickly for my creations. Eventually I want to start doing contests and give aways. I was on hold for a while because I had morning sickness and just recently started working again. I made two aprons yesterday! I havent had that kind of energy in a while. My cousin asked me to make her daughter a tutu dress so I will be buying the materials soon and can not wait to start on it. She wants it in a 4th of July theme, but I plan on making more in more of a rocker theme. I make baby items with a punch. I never did like the regular pink or blue baby themes and wished I could find more of an edge to baby items. When I got married, I didnt want the plain white veil, so I made myself a pink and black one. I loved it and it inspired me to do baby items like that. I even plan on eventually doing a bridal line as well. Right now I just have a few items listed in my shop. My goal was to make one item a day but I have found thats not realistic in my situation, working part time with three kids and a husband who works out of town. So I manage to atleast make one thing a week and if I am lucky two... and thats why I was suprised I made two aprons yesterday.

Heres a few of my favorite items from my shop:

These are the two that I made yesterday! I just learned how to do the ruffle and I like it. I think I have always known just forgot. I used to make them on my barbie clothes when I was little.

I have more of these gothic cameos and plan on making more bows with them.

I always wanted diaper holders for my babies but could never find one that I liked and they are hard to find at the store too. So I started making these and since I am expecting my fourth lil one in October I am going to make one for his room. I also have some cute iron on letters so I will embellish it with his name... Viktor!

This shawl took me forever to post. I had it done in about two weeks and it probably sat in my craft corner for about four months. It just wasnt ready. I finally picked it up one day and decided to finish it completely by adding the ties.

And yes... I even make solid perfume. I have a ton of essential oils that belonged to my husbands mother who is no longer with us. They almost all got thrown away but I saved them for some reason. I plan on making more perfume just need to get the rest of the ingredients for it.

So as you can see I do a bit of everything. It is not limited to what you see here. I will always be coming out with new and different items. If you want me to make something for you just let me know. I will be more than happy to give it a shot. I hope you enjoy my shop and take the time to browse!