Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tutu Crazy today!!

Although I have orders for aprons, I decided to finish up some tutus I had been working on! I finally got six of them posted! I plan on working on the aprons tomorrow! I got another one sold today to a friend of a friend! Woo hoo!!! As for tutus I sold one to my cousin and she absolutely loved it on her daughter! They were doing a 4th of July photo shoot today and I cant wait to see the pictures of her wearing my tutu!

I have had a lot of requests for tutus for older girls, so I am brainstorming how I can do that. They don't sell the crochet headbands any larger than 6 inches and I think I am just going to have to sew the tops myself. I need to get some knit or spandex fabric and try it out on my daughter first. She fits into the three inch headbands but it would be cuter if the top covered the whole torso. I looked online to buy some that were in bulk but they only came in white and were $90 for a lot of 24... not what I am wanting to spend....So thats my next mission to make a tutu dress for ages 8 years and up!

This morning I got up early, and me and my daughter headed into town. I had found a lady on craigslist who had child size hanging manequins! I knew I had to get one and I am so glad I did! When I got home I was so anxious to start photographing my tutus. I went outside and shot some pictures of them, I was so anxious that I didnt thing it being over cast outside, so my pictures were not the best they could be. But I used them anyways! After I posted five of them, I started working on another tutu! I have been wanting to work on this one for a few weeks now and finally had all the materials I needed! It came out better than I was imagining it would be too. Once I was finished with it, the sun was shining so I hurried outside to shoot it! I think the pictures came out awesome, especially with the setting sun shining on it... fit perfectly with its name Sweet Sunflower tutu!

After I got that posted, I made supper and then browsed etsy!

Here are a few shots from today!

Now depending if the hubby is going to bed or not, I may make some more tutus tonight =)

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