Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crooked Hearts is no longer on a bumpy crooked path!

Today has been an awesome day in the world of Crooked Heart Creations. A friend suggested I tweak the pictures to the items in my shop and although it took me some time and hard work I reshot some of my items and edited the pictures. I posted them and got some amazing results. I have one friend that wants to buy a tutu and two custom orders for aprons, and one of my aprons even made it into a treasury! Wow! I am so glad I took her advise. Its amazing how much a picture can change everything!! My niece didnt come today but when I woke up this morning and realized it was fathers day, I kind of figured they werent going to be coming afterall.. but that is ok... I still made a lot of progress today! I shot some pics of my daughter in a 4th of July tutu I made and she is not as patient as my older daughter lol, but she looked so darn cute!
Anyways, I am excited. I feel like I am going down a new path and hopefully its a steady one! Can't wait to start on these new projects!

Heres some shots from today...
This one was added into a treasury

I got a custom order for an apron and she wants it similar to this one!

I posted a few bows for sale today as well.

I have had a few potential buyers for this shawl and thinking since I posted a better picture someone will snatch it up.

and this is my lovely daughter Lacey, modeling a tutu!

This was the first one I edited. Below is an example of what the color looked like in the picture. Now its full of color!

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