Monday, June 6, 2011

The real Crooked Heart Creations

Since my original blog turned more into a personal blog I decided to create a new one strickly for my creations. Eventually I want to start doing contests and give aways. I was on hold for a while because I had morning sickness and just recently started working again. I made two aprons yesterday! I havent had that kind of energy in a while. My cousin asked me to make her daughter a tutu dress so I will be buying the materials soon and can not wait to start on it. She wants it in a 4th of July theme, but I plan on making more in more of a rocker theme. I make baby items with a punch. I never did like the regular pink or blue baby themes and wished I could find more of an edge to baby items. When I got married, I didnt want the plain white veil, so I made myself a pink and black one. I loved it and it inspired me to do baby items like that. I even plan on eventually doing a bridal line as well. Right now I just have a few items listed in my shop. My goal was to make one item a day but I have found thats not realistic in my situation, working part time with three kids and a husband who works out of town. So I manage to atleast make one thing a week and if I am lucky two... and thats why I was suprised I made two aprons yesterday.

Heres a few of my favorite items from my shop:

These are the two that I made yesterday! I just learned how to do the ruffle and I like it. I think I have always known just forgot. I used to make them on my barbie clothes when I was little.

I have more of these gothic cameos and plan on making more bows with them.

I always wanted diaper holders for my babies but could never find one that I liked and they are hard to find at the store too. So I started making these and since I am expecting my fourth lil one in October I am going to make one for his room. I also have some cute iron on letters so I will embellish it with his name... Viktor!

This shawl took me forever to post. I had it done in about two weeks and it probably sat in my craft corner for about four months. It just wasnt ready. I finally picked it up one day and decided to finish it completely by adding the ties.

And yes... I even make solid perfume. I have a ton of essential oils that belonged to my husbands mother who is no longer with us. They almost all got thrown away but I saved them for some reason. I plan on making more perfume just need to get the rest of the ingredients for it.

So as you can see I do a bit of everything. It is not limited to what you see here. I will always be coming out with new and different items. If you want me to make something for you just let me know. I will be more than happy to give it a shot. I hope you enjoy my shop and take the time to browse!

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